Frequently Asked Questions

Why use an agency like AXESS?

We have been asked by the hiring company to recruit for them. This gives you the candidate a greater chance of being seen by the company than using general internet application.

Can I call to get industry information to know what my options are?

When calling AXESS for general advice: Be prepared for this call.

Asking for general advice on how to get into industry is OK as long as you can demonstrate you have done some background reading on the area you wish to work in.

Where does my CV go?

You control where your CV is sent. Recruitment Consultancies are required by law to obtain your consent before sending your CV to any client. AXESS will only send your CV to a client with your express permission.

AXESS cannot send your CV for a role that you have already applied for. You need to keep a spreadsheet of everywhere you CV has been sent.

If your CV has been sent without your knowledge by another party, you can provide AXESS with written consent that we are your representative.